Keeping Your Information Secure

Here at CSI Training and Events Ltd, we take the security of your data seriously. Below we have outlined the steps that we take to secure both hard copies and electronic copies of the data that we hold:

Most personal data we have is held in an electronic form. Where we do have hard copies of data:

• Only CSI Training and Events Ltd staff have access to these documents (unless legally required otherwise)
• They will be stored appropriately in a secure cabinet
• They will not be left unattended in view of others when they are out of storage
• No unnecessary copies will be made
• If transferring to an electronic database, we will dispose of the hard copy on completion
• When disposing of this data we will ensure it is shredded and disposed of appropriately

We take the following measures to ensure our stored electronic data is safe:

• Our devices have virus software installed
• Firewalls are utilised on devices
• Devices are password protected and only CSI Training and Events Ltd staff have these passwords
• Devices are not left unattended and logged into accounts where personal data is stored
• We use online systems that have their own privacy policies in place and conform to GPDR guidelines (Mailchimp, Capsule, Dropbox, Firebase). Please see: for more information
• Only Crime Scene Assist Ltd staff have access to all accounts holding data
• Our website utilises malware monitoring and ID protect software
• We delete old or unnecessary data